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Hubby Bento #29 – On the move lunch and its not sandwich
Last week was very hectic for my husband, back to back site meetings without time to sit down for a meal. He’s an architect, running to several sites within a day. Some evenings, he would come back without having eaten lunch. I believe many of us experienced that many a times in our work life. Therefore, I insisted he take his lunchbox along and eat in the car if necessary. He was glad he did. I prepared 2 types of onigiris and left-over fried chicken for him. First onigiri is saba soboro rice ball, I used the recipe from Japan’s famous chef, Harumi Kurihara. She made saba soboro (鯖そぼろ) served on top of a bowl of rice. It was very easy to make and I adapted it into a rice ball. The second onigiri is chestnut rice ball. Since chestnuts are in season now in autumn, I was able to get raw Japanese chestnuts from the supermarket, toasted them and mixed with rice. Two very easy, yet tasty recipes. Below is the recipe for making 1 Saba soboro onigiri

1 fillet from 1/2 mackerel
1/4 onion (minced)
2 shiitake mushrooms (can use dried ones too, just soak for 30 minutes until soft and squeeze excess water out from the mushroom lightly)
1 cm ginger minced
1 tbsp vegetable oil
1/2 tbsp sake
1/2 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp mirin
2 tbsp soy sauce

Use a tablespoon to scoop or scrap the mackerel flesh from the skin from head to tail avoiding the centre portion where the bones are. Remove the mushroom stems and roughly mince them. Heat the oil in a frying pan over medium fire, add in the ginger and the mackerel. Stir fry the mackerel until the flesh turns flaky, add the shiitake mushrooms and onions. Add the sake, sugar, soy sauce and mirin. Keep stirring until there is a little liquid left in the pan. Cook some rice and cool it down before mixing with the saba soboro. Do not mix in too much liquid from the soboro sauce or the rice ball will be wet and soggy to form. Wrap the mixed rice with a piece of cellophane wrap and start shaping it without getting your hands dirty. Since the soboro has salt in it, I did not add salt into the rice, however I added a little when mixing it with the chestnuts. It was a nice sweet nutty contrast to the savoury saba soboro onigiri.



Hubby Bento #06 – Seared Mackerel on Rice

Seared mackerel on rice

Today’s main dish on my hubby’s lunch bento is Mackerel. I marinated it with white miso paste to give it a little sweetness to the flavour and the sugar in the miso gave a nice charred colour when I seared it.

Alongside the main, I grilled some wild carrots, shiitake mushroom, chicken karaage, tomago-yaki and pan seared chives wrapped in bacon & fish maw tube.

Fish maw is the dried form of fish air bladder. I usually used it in soup or Chinese stew. This is the first time I used it in a wrap. Its texture is chewy, similar to a fish ball.


Peppa’s day out with Daddy Pig

Peppa’s day out with Daddy Pig

Going to a Peppa Pig live show next week so I made this bento for Tz to get him excited for the event. However, he is already too eager, kept asking everyday the same question “Are we going to watch Peppa today?”. ⊂(ÀωÁ∴)⊃

I could only make Peppa and Daddy Pig given the limited amount of time I had in the morning to pack his lunch quickly. Sorry George and Mommy Pig, will give you guys some limelight next time.

Peppa’s day out with Daddy Pig Bento
Camper van: Sushi rice as base, tamago yaki  and fish cake for the body of the van, fish cake and nori to outline the van
Peppa and Daddy Pig : Ham, nori and crab stick for face, crab stick and nor for body.
Other ingredients: flower shaped sausages, lettuce and crispy fried mackerel nuggets in rice flour.