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Pandora’s French Toast

Pandora’s French Toast

Last weekend, I had a craving for french toast again. However, I did not wish to elicit a negative reaction form my kids, rolling their eyes and complaining about having french toast again (though its an in-house favourite). Therefore, I cracked my brains and turned it up a notch with last weekend’s french toast.

To be honest, I have not tasted a good french toast dish in the local cafes, the most memorable one was during our holiday on Moyo Island, Indonesia, The french toast was superb! It was thick yet not dense at all as the homemade bread still retained its fluffy buttery texture. The best part was they used locally harvested raw honey and honeycomb to dress the french toast! It couldn’t get any better than this especially when we were stranded on an almost deserted island with only one resort.

I had come across some really interesting ways of dressing up the french toasts especially in Japan, like this one which I attempted. I called it the Pandora’s French Toast….haha….. Its a dessert with a surprise. What I did was to mix and match some interesting sweet ingredients and stuffed them by layers into the french toast. I used an unsliced bread loaf for this, cut out 2 slices of bread, 1 thicker slice and a thinner slice as a base. I soaked them in egg mixture and panfried them like any normal french toast recipe. You can find the recipe in my previous post Stuffed French Toast . There after,  I cut out a hollow section in the centre of the thicker slice, placed it on the thinner slice and filled it up with the ingredients. So from the exterior, one could only see the bread and the condiments on top. However, when you cut into the bread, the layers of fillings reveal themselves which include citrusy ricotta mascarpone cheese, mochi, mashed sweet Azuki red beans and finished off with freshly sliced plums and more mochi! It was so much fun to see the reactions on my family’s faces who had not tried french toast prepared this way before. My husband was super happy when he saw Azuki red bean and mochi, his favourites. My elder son was scrutinising the stuffings like conducting a lab test. I totally enjoyed mine. My youngest requested for vanilla ice-cream in his toast.

Pandora’s French Toast sliced 

The addition of the mochi was the best. It was like eating a dorayaki pancake with mochi inside. I dressed the plate up with little droplets of minty cherry sauce, some dried preserved fruits (mikan and ume) and sliced banana.

Pandora’s French Toast

I think this french toast was my best so far not because of the mix & match ingredients but the surprise element. You can literally hide anything inside, maybe even an engagement ring for those men wanting to propose to their wives-to-be!


Stuffed French Toast with Cream Cheese, Mascarpone & Blackberry
I am quite hooked on french toasts these days, kept making them for weekend brunch, and everyone in my family has sweet tooth, so its popular. My teenage son usually sleeps in however, if its french toast day, he will be up “ΟεΟ∴” instantaneously. This time, I stuffed the pain de mie with mixed mascarpone, cream cheese and blackberries before I soak them in egg mixture and panfry them. I would normally drizzle homemade buttery cherry sauce, a little squeeze of lime and top with lots of fruits and BACON!!!! The symphony of different tastes and texture is just fabulous.

Ingredients for the stuffing (for 4 thick slices of bread): 1/3 cup cream cheese (room temperature), 1/2 cup mascarpone (cold), rind of 1 lemon, 3 tablespoons icing sugar, a dust of cinnamon powder and 8-10 black berries.
Mix everything well except the black berries which are lightly tossed in the end before filling 2 slices of bread with the stuffing.

Just use any french toast egg mixture recipe you are comfortable with. Mine is adapted from recipe by Robert Irvine on Food Network website, , simple and delicious.

Try making it yourself on Sunday… your family or loved ones will be crying for more…..