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Kame Sushi (Yamashiro onsen, Kaga)

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I have been trying to find time to write reviews on some of the restaurants I have visited when I travel but kept pushing it back to the last of the to-do list on the blog.(ashamed…) I am going to try to clear some of the backlog a step at a time. I hope the readers will enjoy or benefit from these short reviews. I will try to improve on them overtime as I am new to restaurant reviews. I only know how to eat and enjoy for now….=∩∨∩=

During April 2015, a few months back, my family travelled to Kanazawa Japan to enjoy the Spring Cherry Blossom season. We drove down to Kaga, a city located in southwestern Ishikawa PrefectureJapan. Therefore, there is bountiful seafood from the Sea of Japan. Kaga is also a well-know onsen region too. I managed to soak in the local onsen culture at the main sentō in Yamanaka Onsen (a beautiful riverside onsen village) and then drove to Yamahshiro Onsen (about 20 minutes away) to enjoy great sushi at this quaint little restaurant, Kame-Sushi.
Its a corner eatery perched on the downward gentle slope of a side street. The only way we could spot the restaurant at night is the bright glowing light box in front of the restaurant. There is parking diagonally opposite. Its a kappa-style sushi place but there are 3 or 4 tatami style table sitting for bigger groups. The owner chef (taisho) is quite a young tall gentleman, always smiling. Its a good thing he speaks a little English. We sat at the counter and ordered omakase sets since we have no idea what’s in season and good. As expected, the seafood we tasted here is really fresh and sweet, better than one we visited in Kanazwa (recommended by our hotel, quite expensive too). At Kame-sushi, we paid much less, enjoying the omakase with extra orders and a big bottle of local sake. The biggest highlight of the meal is the deep sea prawns, Gasu ebi (humpback prawns). They are the sweetest and juiciest prawns I have tasted so far. They are quite big too. They were the special of the day besides the Nodoguro. I wanted extra serve but 1 hour later, all the prawns were gone x∩x . Below are some of the delicious sushi served to us by the chef. Forgive me if I did not list all the names of the sushi we ate, can’t recall some of them, was high on seafood and sake!

Owner Chef

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Kame sushi website :
Address : 17-8-2 Yamashiroonsen Kaga Ishikawa 石川県 加賀市 山代温泉 17-8-2
Telephone : 0761-76-0556 (+81-761-76-0556)


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