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Beautiful Hinamatsuri Bento

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imageimage credits to Miyuki Kurihara

Tuesday, 3 March 2015, was Girls’ Day or Dolls’ Day in Japan, Hinamatsuri.  This is an important day every year to pray for young girl’s growth and happiness. My friend in Japan, Miyuki san, who has been preparing bentos for her family for over 10 years, made these very pretty and special Chirashizushi lunches for her “Awesome Four” (3 boys and husband) to celebrate this day. Lucky boys! The colours in the bentos have special meanings, the color red (or pink) is for chasing evil spirits away, the white is for purity, and the green is for health.

Most families display “hina-ningyo” (sacred dolls for Hinamatsuri) and dedicate peach blossoms to girls in the household. Once the festival is over, the dolls will be put away immediately to avoid bad luck. The Japanese also believe by releasing the old dolls afloat into the river will carry away bad luck and sufferings. How meaningful! We can find many specially made sweets (e.g. wagashi, arare or rice crackers, kompeito or sugar candies) in the Japanese stores to celebrate this day. Now, they are easily available in Singapore too.

Boys’ Day is celebrated annually on May 5th. I can’t wait to see what Miyuki san will prepare for her boys on this day.

Wish I am in Japan to savour her bentos.



Author: ongling

Hi, I have been making bento lunch boxes for my toddler son for a year. Its a challenge everyday to think of new bento ideas to excite him. The creations are endless and took a lot of trial and errors. But most importantly, his bento lunches must deliver 3 key goals: exciting presentation (eye appeal), exciting tastes (texture & ingredients) and exciting adventures (dare to try; food play). Recently, I started making my husband lunch bentos too for work after he got envious of seeing beautiful bentos prepared by Japanese wives on Japanese TV network. I am learning and picking up skills from many talented bento makers everyday to improve myself. Here are some of my creations I would like to share with you. Apart from bentos, there some travel stories and little things i enjoy doing related to food and culture in this blog. So enjoy and share your thoughts with me.

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