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A book on vegetarian bentos for kids

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I was so excited when i came upon a book on vegetarian bento for kids. It contains many vegetarian recipes with more exciting cooking techniques and ingredients. Its author is a Taiwanese vegetarian, Gu Lu Lu. Unfortunately it is written in Mandarin and my Mandarin is so atrocious as my French. However, this book has step-by-step pictures that help me to recognise the ingredients quite easily and how they are being prepared. There are 88 bento recipes in this book. So good for kids who are fussy eaters.

Below are some of the snapshots of the pages from the book (Please pardon my limited knowledge of Mandarin-English translation >!<):


Above: “red hair girl” bento with sushi, pan-fried mashed pumpkin slices and stirred fried yam with edamame in vegetarian oyster sauce


Above: “Freshly picked mushroom” bento with sushi, curried cauliflower, stirred fried sea kelp with tofu noodle roll (I think its tofu skin)


Above: “Vermicelli Twins” Vermicelli with yam, carrots, bean sprouts and seaweed.


Above: On the left page are recipes for crispy tofu skin with sweet potato filling and a mixed vegetable dish with asparagus, mushroom and carrots. On the right is “Naughty Seal” bento with sushi,  panfried pumpkin and mock prawn tempura.

Love her website, so adorable Go check it out even if you don’t understand the language, its fun just exploring the site and looking at the food pixs.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 10.26.28 pm


Author: ongling

Hi, I have been making bento lunch boxes for my toddler son for a year. Its a challenge everyday to think of new bento ideas to excite him. The creations are endless and took a lot of trial and errors. But most importantly, his bento lunches must deliver 3 key goals: exciting presentation (eye appeal), exciting tastes (texture & ingredients) and exciting adventures (dare to try; food play). Recently, I started making my husband lunch bentos too for work after he got envious of seeing beautiful bentos prepared by Japanese wives on Japanese TV network. I am learning and picking up skills from many talented bento makers everyday to improve myself. Here are some of my creations I would like to share with you. Apart from bentos, there some travel stories and little things i enjoy doing related to food and culture in this blog. So enjoy and share your thoughts with me.

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