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100% Japanese Wagyu

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imageSince its still Chinese New Year here in Singapore, many of us are celebrating the festive season with family and friends gatherings. We are going to have steamboat dinner tomorrow at my aunt’s house so I decided to splurge on these beautiful wagyu meat to bring as a gift to dinner instead of wine. Who would’t like an authentic piece of creamy marbled wagyu?

We can buy wagyu nowadays in supermarkets imported from AUstralia and US, Australia wagyu still pales against its U.S. and japanese counterparts. My favourite wagyu brand from US is Snake River Farm. I am no expert in wagyu but i appreciate a good piece of meat because the texture can tell a lot about how the cows are being bred. I personally find Grade A5 a little too rich for me but A3 and A4 grades are just nice.

I am lucky enough to find Oumi wagyu (top 3 wagyu in Japan) and Yonesawagyu from Yamagata. Though Yamagata wagyu here is grade A5, but the A4 Oumi is creamier and buttery in texture.

Normally we will cut them into bite size pieces, grill them on hot plate , sprinkle with a little sea salt and savour the juicy meat. Yum, I am salivating now at the thought of it.

My aunt and family will be so pleased with the gift.

You can find more Information here :

Author: ongling

Hi, I have been making bento lunch boxes for my toddler son for a year. Its a challenge everyday to think of new bento ideas to excite him. The creations are endless and took a lot of trial and errors. But most importantly, his bento lunches must deliver 3 key goals: exciting presentation (eye appeal), exciting tastes (texture & ingredients) and exciting adventures (dare to try; food play). Recently, I started making my husband lunch bentos too for work after he got envious of seeing beautiful bentos prepared by Japanese wives on Japanese TV network. I am learning and picking up skills from many talented bento makers everyday to improve myself. Here are some of my creations I would like to share with you. Apart from bentos, there some travel stories and little things i enjoy doing related to food and culture in this blog. So enjoy and share your thoughts with me.

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